The Lords of Salem, 2012

Anchor Bay Films

This was supposed to be like a promotion at the workplace.
I’m not saying it’s bad or anything just that the whole deal does not come together. And it leaves the viewer high and dry despite the smoky, charged atmosphere, and possession madness.

Rob Zombie (31, 2016) has created some really entertaining pieces of film; House of Thousand Corpses, 2003 followed by The Devil’s Rejects,2005.

Sheri Moon Zombie is a treat to watch, as always but this one just doesn’t cover the base. I liked bits of it, loved them – the strange disturbing power of some sequences is such – although as a film it does not fulfill my expectations; no matter how fashionably archaic the film is, it fails to upstage its predecessors. However, it remains true to form to the last scene, and that is, what I suppose, makes it a bit lesser than, say, Rejects?

Rosemary’s neighbors

Watch it; you’ll like it if you’re a horror fan. This ain’t The Exorcist, 1972, nor is it Hagazussa or The VVitch but then not many films are. And this one is just a bit off, that’s all.

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