The Cohasset Snuff Film, 2012


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A mockumentary that actually mocks you with its lead hamming it so much that the scenes which would have been otherwise psychological distressing or highly desperate in their execution, actor Stephen Wu (as the killer) manages somehow to make those sequences highly laughable and ridiculous. Who impersonates Jim Carrey from The Mask while unveiling his serial killing plans to his video diary, his big movie project?

Stephen Wu. What a dud. 

It all fails miserably.
The one girl that the viewers really want out is the one who escapes. Bummer. The halfhearted direction and writing by Edward Payson leave the film looking like a moth infested wardrobe. I mean, this annoying, really fucking irritating actor makes it very hard for the viewer to take things seriously, even when the murders are shot pretty decently.
That would be an oxymoron. And Payson? A moron.

Now tell me this. If a young girl is murdered who is the first suspect, her dad. Who is the second suspect? Her ex-boyfriend who had major anger issues. However, that little real life investigative process does not apply to this trash. The killer is seen, in broad daylight, by two people yet no one reports – even though (check this out) the killer goes to school with the escaped victim. 

Bad acting is an understatement. This guy should be shot in the stomach. 

They, the filmmakers have the nerve to use the ancient promotional approach (which has since lost novelty and audience) of The Blair Witch Project, with all actors are credited ‘as themselves‘. And we are informed that the footage was confiscated by the police at the time of the murders, but some perverts had downloaded before the torrent was taken down. 

Bob’s Bizarre Bazaar

The store owner claims to have artifacts and personal belongings of serial killers. He starts with the paintings of Gacy and then makes fun of the audience by showing us a wool-work dove made by Manson. In the end, a ridiculous end and an impudent end, a seriously flippant end; the store owner shows a yellow rope used by the killer for most of his murders and says that it is his most prized possession – ‘I bought it from a cop‘ – (after Dahmer‘s stool sample). So, let me get this straight. The most incriminating piece of evidence (not a tooth or a bone or a pickled tattoo) that the DA will not part with and no cop would even dream of selling it this soon, is at a store around the corner?

What rubbish.

Did I mention how nausea inducing the acting was? Did I think out loud that the lead should be shot? Well, the film also disappoints in giving the audience some closure in terms of imagining the ways by which one can take the life and hamming out of the actor.

A complete waste of time and imagination.


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