Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS (Uncut), 1975

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Now, who wouldn’t jump into that cleavage of a poster back in 1975 when there’s no Game of Thrones running on television. And even after Game of Thrones, genre fans and horny people dig this flick for its absurd sexuality and aggressively, even the intrusively immoral core amongst other similar cinematic flairs. The film displays a chiding representation of feminism since the ideology is being put to test or being experimented on, by Ilsa (Dyanne Thorne) throughout the film.

Having been called the most degenerate picture ever; the worst soft-core sex-and-violence film of the decade (the Seventies); campy and self-conscious; super expensive (but careless when the freeway traffic can be heard in the back and we’re still in the Lichtenburg camp, which was built in Prettin, in the town of Annaburg in Germany) and twice as disturbing,

Ilsa is offensive in every way possible with an obvious lack of moral purpose (morals that have changed in the forty-five years since the picture was first released in 1975). Hence, or in spite of it, the film ranks number one amongst various movie websites and film-periodicals still in print, with a massive cult following, making the character of a strong, active, and aggressive female protagonist, Ilsa, mythical in Western Culture.

I’m guessing it is such for being a film with a voracious sexual appetite and men like me keep watching filth like this again and again. Darwin could have been wrong after all.

Dyanne Thorne (1936- 2020)
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