From a House on Willow Street, 2016

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In 2016 two films were released, which resembled (somewhat) in the setting of the tormentors becoming the tormented (turntable horror). Yes, there have been numerous outings that traverse the I Spit on your Grave pathway; a dangerous road, risque proliferation, forever enticing in some tailbone intrigue way, sticky with a thick ‘X’ rating waiting to be slapped on it.

That kinda road where the pleasure, as a matter of principle and human instinct, is in the bad guys getting what they deserve. However, the two films do not take this road. Much to the disappointment of this pilgrim. For here, the films start with the bad guys not being all that bad at all, and then Fede Alveraz turned the tables and the old blind man became a force to reckon with,

However, what they do is take a brief, acute dip straight into the sea of pristine terror, unfortunately intermittently, whilst Alistair Orr (Indigenous, 2014) unknowingly keeps going in narrative circles, explosive, the rabid isolationist of ‘been there done that‘, only to break for (either intentionally or by chance, it is not known) show of technical prowess, which does expiate for the routine, by rejuvenating the trite genre premise.

Here, on Willow Street, the tables take a turn for the supernatural as the indie/B-movie specialist Orr tries to scare us with the tropes of demonic possession, by going all guns blazing with the merging of horror/action. Though not as effective nor as nerve-rattling as the brilliant “Don’t Breathe, 2016“, this one does manage to reminisce of horror films from the good ol’ Nineties. The make up is outstanding. It makes the otherwise undistinguished visuals somewhat uncomfortable to watch. That and Jame‘s (Gustav Gerderner) slow and painful transformation into a partisan of the neo-Nazi. 

I especially liked how Orr decided to leave the chain tied to Katherine‘s (Carlyn Burchell) neck until the very end, which could’ve done better without the cheese.

Watch it if you’re in the mood for some gung-ho action-horror and a blast of jump scares.

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